Kuwaiti authorities arrested a man on Tuesday for attacking his wife with a knife and threatening to stab her because she forgot to refrigerate juice for iftar. 

On the day of the incident, the man - who was fasting for Ramadan along with his wife - asked her to make sure his drink was cold in time for the meal. When he realized she hadn't "followed his instructions," he launched a frenzied attack on his partner, running after her with a knife. Terrified, the woman called the police pleading for help. 

After her case was filed, officials detained the man and referred him to a local jail where he was questioned. 

During investigations, the man confessed to having attacked his wife but said he was remorseful over his actions. According to Al Rai newspaper, his wife later withdrew the complaint against him on written condition he wouldn't attack her again.

As bizarre and outrageous as this sounds, it isn't the only case of the sort to be reported in Kuwait this week.

On the first day of Ramadan (May 6), news pages on local Twitter circulated a case that involved a husband beating his wife with a Vimto bottle because she "didn't bake the dessert he asked her to make for iftar."

Naturally, people reacted to both incidents with shock and disbelief ... and honestly, who can blame them? Physically capable kids are after their wives for petty reasons ... one ought to be worried. 

"Are you serious?"

"Is this a joke or real news?"

All because she forgot to refrigerate the drink

Jokes aside, people are pretty upset over this

"Decent people have gone extinct. You do this while fasting? What's wrong with you!!! Is it the first year you fast?"

"Is his arm broken and he's unable to put things in the fridge?"