Ah, the holy month of Ramadan ... the time when Muslims around the world put in their best efforts to focus on their religious duties. But, on a lighter note, it's also the time when the Muslim Twitter community goes all out in showcasing their impeccable sense of humor.

Throughout the month, Muslim Twitter users share tweets and memes that are as relatable as they are hilarious, adding an Islamic twist to daily news and events. Just three days into the holy month, and they have already blessed the internet with a surplus of Ramadan-themed content

So, when Liverpool F.C. - home to fan-favorite Muslim footballer Mohamed Salah - faced Barcelona F.C. in the Champions League semi-finals on Tuesday night, Muslim tweeps surely did not disappoint.

Despite Salah's inability to play in the match due to a concussion, the English football club came out in full force during the 90-minute game, beating Barcelona with a 4-0 score and qualifying to the finals.

According to Muslims, there is one major factor that contributed to Liverpool's historic win: The month of Ramadan.

Here's how Muslim Twitter users justified their theory:

The "duas" came in full effect

"Someone is making use of the power of the month of Ramadan"

The prayers of Liverpool's Muslim players proved successful

Not to forget those of Egyptian fans

The theory is pretty solid

Even Liverpool's Twitter account agrees

"We welcome the month of fasting. Your nights are back safely."


"Allah is on their side"

Eid came early this year

A GOAT has already been sacrificed

The tweet refers to Barcelona captain Lionel Messi, who is sometimes described as the "greatest of all time" (GOAT).

Messi was roasted big time (pun intended)