Islamophobia is alive and well ... and some people are living proof that educating oneself is a long process that starts with asking questions but doesn't end with a Google search.

Twitter user @Leeeenuhhhh recently tweeted two screenshots of a conversation she was having with a foreigner, who was curious to know why Muslims randomly do yoga in public.

What he was really referring to was Muslims praying in public spaces. 

Aside from the fact that he believed "Muslim Yoga" is a real thing, he referred to Muslims (people who follow the Islamic faith) as Islam (the religion).

"Yo, this Islam guy came and started doing yoga in the office ... rolled out the mat and everything," he wrote in the text.

He then went on to ask her if "yoga at random places" is a routine practice Muslims follow. 

He resorted to Google to lay his curiosity to rest ...

Her response? SAVAGE

Turns out, the Twitter user has previously attempted to talk "seriously about Islam" with the guy ...

Some people couldn't believe he went so far as to Google a term that does not even exist

Warning: People like this actually exist

How to cope with such humans? *Laugh in Muslim*

Moral of the story: "Ignorance isn't always bliss"