Emirati opinion writer, motivational speaker, and social media commentator Khalid Al Ameri and his wife Salama are no strangers to winning over people’s hearts online. 

The couple’s genuine and open reflections on what it’s really like to be married in this day and age are endearing. 

This probably explains why they’ve resonated with thousands on social media, with their videos going viral time and again. 

Late on Tuesday, the duo started making the rounds online yet again. This time, it was for a post Al Ameri uploaded, explaining the moment that transformed the couple’s marriage. 

"It is only when you open your heart to the other person that they can find their place in it"

In the post, which has amassed thousands of likes on Facebook, Al Ameri said it took him and his wife six difficult years post marriage to build a successful relationship. 

During that time, the couple found themselves on the brink of divorce twice, before encountering a moment that changed their lives.

"One day we said we would release every feeling we had, all the negative things we felt towards each other, all the anger, everything that hurt us, but with one promise, that we would listen and that we would do our best to change to make each other happy," he wrote. 

"It was the scariest moment of our lives, but having that moment changed us, we saw each other as different people because we had opened our hearts completely. We saw how we truly felt and the possibility of being apart, and what I have learned is that is the only way to fall truly and deeply in love with someone, because it is only when you open your heart to the other person that they can find their place in it, and I thank Allah every day that I have found my place in hers and she has found her place in mine," he added.

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