If you don't know Emirati opinion writer, motivational speaker, and social media commentator Khalid Al Ameri for his writings, then you must know him for his charming and admirable relationship with his wife Salama. 

The couple is the pure definition of #RelationshipGoals ... and they've got a lot of fans. 

Exhibit A:

Source: Facebook

So, the couple recently released a vlog, where Salama gives the world insight into the hardest part of married life. It's hilarious to say the least.

Marriage is "annoying when we disagree on what to make for dinner"

"Khalid always manages to make the house a mess"

And "when he doesn't do the dishes"

The worst part: "when he leaves a wet towel on the bed ... and it wets the bed"

P.S. Khalid's facial expressions are everything!