Unfortunately, it's not uncommon to spot hashtags that are offensive to women on Arab Twitter. 

Time and again, women of the region have been targeted by unacceptable hashtags launched by anonymous tweeps.

Earlier this week, someone launched a hashtag titled: "All animals are friendly, except women," on Twitter. 

Now even though some reactions to it were appalling, what attracted people's attention weren't those sexist, misogynistic remarks, but Arab women's powerful come backs to them. 

It all started when this offensive hashtag trended on Twitter

"All animals are friendly, except women."

And some men reacted with things like this...

"This is great." 

And this...

"All animals can be trained to become pets except girls." 

But Arab women were having none of it

And savagely hit back

"I would've called you an animal but that'd be an insult to animals." 

With hilarious reactions

That were just right on point

"The results of unemployment... truly catastrophic." 

It took some only two words to end this conversation

"Eat shit." 

While others resorted to the ultimate Arab weapon

"Where's the person who launched this hashtag?"

Some couldn't believe the hashtag was trending

But then...

Where's patience when you need it?

The comebacks were legit

"The world is fighting for women and we have Arabs trending hashtags like this"

"In the Arab world, it's March 26th 1018"