Another day, another Arab man sharing his sexist opinion online on what women should and shouldn't be allowed to do.  

From sexist Arab celebrities to the worst Mother's Day cake, it's safe to say the Arab world has had its fair share of treating women as less-than. 

Thanks to the internet, regressive men are being exposed and schooled on how biased and uneducated their opinions are. 

This time, men and women alike perfectly shut down the archaic belief that women shouldn't be in top management positions because they're "too emotional" to do their work right. 

It all started with this tweet

Dubai-based Lebanese tweep @supasswd shared his opinion on the social media platform, saying having women in managerial positions "doesn't work" because they're "too moody." 

Quickly afterwards, people mercilessly fired back at this claim...


Yet some people still think that way

"Who's behind most of the world's problems?"

Congrats on not getting all the attention you asked for

"Better than having trash at top management"

Tweeps strongly disagreed with this claim

"Dumb tweets of the day"

People are counting on karma to do its job

Speaking of emotional and irrational beings...

Who's behind all wars?

People couldn't handle it...

Hell broke loose

"Delete this"

Still waiting for karma to hit back...