Emirati opinion writer, motivational speaker, and social media commentator, Khalid Al Ameri, is known for uniquely tackling social issues in his writings. 

He depicts everyday struggles by giving the world a taste of his own personal life - mainly dreams, relationships, and marriage.

With over 53,000 followers on Twitter and over 88,000 on Instagram, Al Ameri has definitely inspired many. 

His charming and admirable relationship with his wife Salama remains something else. 

Salama + Khalid = #RelationshipGoals

They bond over food whenever, wherever ... because what is life without food?

Except when it comes to sharing food, that's a different story

Thinking about life comes in pairs

Their text messages are quite the entertainment

Find you someone who looks at you the way Salama and Khalid look at each other

No seriously though ... how adorable is this?

"The man I am today versus the man I was when Salama married me is completely different"

Humor ... that's their middle name

They have perfected taking selfies together (without the need for a selfie stick)

UNO nights are pretty lit

Practice has made their up-close-and-personal shots completely flawless

And of course ... parenting done right!

The force is strong between these two #Mashallah