Egyptian singer Laila Amer has been arrested for releasing a song deemed "racy" and "offensive," Youm 7 reported

Amer will be held for four days and is set to be charged with "inciting debauchery". However, she has already denied all charges against her. 

The singer's arrest comes days after officials said she would be investigated over the now-viral song, which features a pun on an offensive Arabic swear word.

Titled "Bos Ommak" (Look what your mother did), Amer's song is set to feature in an upcoming Egyptian film called "Naked Wire", and was released earlier last week as part of promotions for it. 

Soon after it started to make the rounds online, the song went viral, sparking outrage among users who felt offended by it. 

The singer was expelled from Egypt's Syndicate for Musicians

According to Annahar, the intense backlash against Amer's song led Hany Chaker, the Head of Egypt's Syndicate for Musicians, to expel the singer from the organization. 

Chaker confirmed his decision during a Dream TV program. 

During the same episode, Amer issued her first statement on the matter, defending her song and explaining that its meaning had been misconstrued.

News of the arrest divided people on social media

Some were all for it

"She deserves it." 

Others felt the entire thing was blown out of proportion

"This whole thing doesn't deserve such a reaction, a stupid but ordinary song." 

A few took to sarcasm

"The singer behind 'Bos Ommak' has been arrested. She should be tried as the stupidest racy singer because she didn't learn from the mistakes of those who came before her." 

Not the first time this happens in Egypt

This certainly isn't the first time a singer faces charges over a controversial release. 

Earlier last month, an Egyptian court sentenced singer Shimaa Ahmad, also known as Shyma, to two years in jail over the racy music video to her song "I have issues". 

Following a quick trial, the 25-year-old singer was found guilty of inciting debauchery and publishing an indecent film. 

The sentence came weeks after Ahmad was arrested and accused of committing a “shameful act in public". 

The video's director was also sentenced to two years in prison in absentia.