Laila Amer Source: Twitter/KamiliaSr

After she released a song that features a pun on an offensive Arabic swear word, Egyptian singer Laila Amer will be investigated by authorities, Annahar reported

Titled "Bos Ommak" (Look what your mother did,) Amer's song is set to feature in an upcoming Egyptian film called "Naked Wire," and was released earlier this week as part of promotions for it. 

Soon after, it went viral on social media, sparking outrage among users who deemed it extremely "offensive."

According to Annahar, the intense backlash led Hany Chaker, the Head of Egypt's Syndicate for Musicians, to call on authorities to investigate the matter and arrest Amer. 

Several other people have also reportedly filed police reports against the singer and it is expected she will be arrested and brought in for investigation in the next few days. 

In their statement on the matter, Egypt's censorship board said it knew nothing about the film in which Amer's song features. 

The board's representatives also added that the feature was not viewed by anyone at the authority, nor given permission to release in theaters. 

The song is causing quite the stir in Egypt

In her first statement on the matter, Amer went on Dream TV and defended her song, saying that its meaning had been misconstrued. 

During the same program, Head of Egypt's Syndicate for Musicians, Hany Chaker, spoke out against the singer. 

While he confirmed that Amer is officially registered in the syndicate, he stressed that she would be immediately expelled from the organization. 

Even after the singer tried to explain herself, the online attack on her and the song continued. 

People are extremely upset over the entire incident

"You let them make this sort of disgusting music and then you file complaints against them!!"

Upset would truly be an understatement here

"Who even listens to songs like this one? Absolutely disgusting"

But many are also raising this point

"She's famous now... in the next few days she'll be all over the news, on Televisions and in newspapers everywhere. If she had done what's right, released a great song and worked on making true art, it would've taken her over 10 years to get famous."