Early on Saturday, Egyptian authorities arrested singer Shimaa Ahmad, also known as Shyma, after a racy music video of her song "I Have Issues," sparked outrage in the country, Egypt Independent reported.  

The singer will be held for "four days pending an investigation on charges of incitement to debauchery." 

During her investigation, Shyma defended herself, saying that even though she knew what she did was wrong, she hadn't intended to offend anyone and was just looking for fame. 

According to Egypt Independent, the prosecution accused Shyma of committing a “shameful act," which is a crime punishable by a maximum of one year in jail. 

She is also accused of committing a “shameful act in public,” a crime punishable by a maximum sentence of three years in jail under Egyptian law. 

People react to Shyma's arrest

A few days before her arrest and amid the intense backlash, Shyma issued a statement via her now-deleted Facebook page, apologizing for the music video.  

In her statement, the singer said she hadn't anticipated such a negative reaction. 

Her apology doesn't seem to have gone down too well with many, who are quite relieved at the news of her arrest. 

However, some said the entire incident was simply blown out of proportion. 

Many were all for the arrest

"She must be tried for trying to destroy generations."  

"I was waiting for this to happen"

Others raised this point

"You're the ones who are making her famous. No one would have seen this clip if it weren't for those who made a big deal out of this. You're the ones who should be prosecuted." 

"Don't worry, you're famous now"

A few thought the entire incident was blown out of proportion

"Regardless of the fact that her music video has nothing to do with art, there's no reason for her arrest. Until when will Arabs continue to be repressed?"