Saudi authorities in Al Taif governorate suspended nurses who allegedly abused a newborn in a hospital ward for infants, Al Riyadh newspaper reported on Tuesday. 

The news comes hours after footage that captured a nurse and her friends horrifically assaulting the infant went viral on Twitter, sparking outrage among users. 

Even though it wasn't clear where or when the video was captured, authorities managed to identify several nurses who are now suspects in the case. They have since been suspended as an ongoing investigation takes place. 

In his statement on the matter, Al Taif Health Authority's official spokesman, Abdul Hadi Al Rabie, confirmed news of the suspension. 

Al Rabie stressed that before any further action can be taken, more investigations were needed. 

However, he also promised that appropriate measures will be taken against anyone whose involvement is evident in the case. 

*The video of the assault is available online but we chose not to share it in line with our ethical standards.

The footage sent tweeps into a meltdown and left some speechless

Others were heartbroken over the horrific incident

"This is outrageous, how could they do that to an infant."

People had so many questions

"Where's the manager of this hospital? Where's their conscience? Where's mercy? Where's these people's respect for the sanctity of their job?" 

Many called on authorities to take immediate action

"To the highest authority in the Ministry of Health... I urge you to take strict action against the people involved in this."

After news of the suspension... people felt it wasn't enough

"The women in this footage are criminals, not nurses. Suspending them is not enough... they must be tried over this." 

A few were left quite upset...

"Suspending them is simply not enough."

"They should be jailed"