Early on Tuesday, an Egyptian court sentenced singer Shimaa Ahmad, also known as Shyma, to 2 years in jail over the racy music video to her song "I have issues," BBC reported

Following a quick trial, the 25-year-old singer was found guilty of inciting debauchery and publishing an indecent film. 

The sentence comes weeks after Ahmad was arrested and accused of committing a “shameful act in public." 

According to BBC, the video's director was also sentenced to two years in prison in absentia.

The news is making the rounds online

"People react to news of Shyma's arrest. One person is telling us: We're in 2017 not 1017."

Some are hailing the decision to jail the singer

Others are completely against it

"This is so unfair"

"This is unfair to her. So many other people star in racy videos and nothing happens. Real justice is when you hold all people accountable for their mistakes. This is just something they're using to distract people."

The singer's video caused a stir online last month

The video of Ahmad's song sparked outrage across Egypt earlier last month after it went viral on social media. 

Amid the intense backlash, the young singer issued a statement via her now-deleted Facebook page, apologizing for the music video. 

In her statement, the singer said she hadn't anticipated such a negative reaction.

During her investigation, the singer also defended herself, saying that even though she knew what she did was wrong, she hadn't intended to offend anyone and was just looking for fame.