Earlier this week, a person who looks just like Egyptian comedian Mohamed Henedy caught people's attention online.

This came after Henedy's World, one of the star's official pages on Twitter, uploaded a video featuring the doppelgänger. 

The footage, which is said to have been captured in Saudi Arabia, shows the man enjoying dinner. 

Soon after it was posted, it sent fans into a meltdown of sorts.

It all started when this video started making the rounds on Twitter

Some claimed the man who appeared in the video is Saudi singer Bssaam Lbban

However, this wasn't confirmed by Henedy's official account.

Do you see the resemblance?

Many certainly did think the two look alike

"Here comes the second Henedy." 

Others thought the man's voice is also similar to Henedy's

"They have the same voice." 

Some couldn't see the resemblance

"There isn't any resemblance between them." 

Not the first Arab star doppelgänger to go viral

This isn't the first time someone who bears similarities to an Arab star goes viral online. 

Several of the region's celebrities also have doppelgängers who look exactly like them. 

These include Haifa Wehbe, Nancy Ajram, Mohamed Salah, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, and DJ Khaled