Given that most Arab countries suffer pretty intense summers, it's only natural that breezy weather puts people in a good mood this time of the year.

Over the weekend, a viral hashtag took over Arab Twitter, in which people were asked to describe what winter means to them. 

Responses to the hashtag prove just how obsessed Arabs are with winter...

What does winter mean to you?

"The best one out of the four seasons"

Some Arabs want winter to be a year-long season

The season of "Chai Karak"

Desert camping = winter obsession explained

Because who doesn't enjoy this?

Arab winter food is on another level

It's the season that gives you an excuse to have two dinners

"The best thing about winter is that I get to have dinner twice." 

Arab fridges throughout winter

Winter = blaming weight gain on layering

"If I gain weight, I tell people I look bigger because I am wearing layers."

One word ... "Sa7lab"

"This drink."

Obsession level: Arab

"Tell winter and rain I miss them." 

"What do we love more than winter mood?"

To sum it all up, to Arabs, winter is basically ...