Source: Al Ain

Egyptian Actor Mohamed Henedy, who's also known as the reigning King of Twitter, never misses a chance to hilariously comment on happenings across the Arab world.

Earlier this week, the #KikiChallenge - which consists of people jumping out of moving cars and dancing to Canadian rapper Drake's song "In My Feelings" - took the region by storm.

Naturally, the comedian was quick to share his remarks on the topic with a sarcastic tweet that instantly went viral and resulted in a hilarious collective meltdown like no other.

It all started when Henedy tweeted this out

"Kiki, God have mercy on the days when the carrot seller's daughter used to dance on 'el3ab yala.'"

People just loved it

"I swear he's the king"

"When people criticize vs. when Henedy does"

Many wanted to know who his tweet was about

"Who do you mean by this?"

Everyone later joined the comedian on hitting back at the #KikiChallenge

"What #KikiChallenge is the one you want me to stop aside for, this is a public transportation bus."  

"Kiki, they said"

"This is the same thing, but they just love Westerners Henedy"

The trolling was just endless

"She's doing the Kiki dance, Sir Ismail. Sir Ismail... Sir Ismail... Sir..."

So were the memes

"Henedy watching all the #KikiChallenge videos." 

"Just sitting here, waiting for this Kiki thing to end"