Source: Al-Ain

Egyptian comedian Mohamed Henedy - who's also known as the reigning "king" of Twitter - had a lot to say about the performance of his country's national team in the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and most of it was pretty hilarious.

In one of his latest tweets, the actor vented over the loss of Egypt's national team against Saudi Arabia on Monday.

Posting a meme of his character in the popular film Ramadan Mabrouk Abul-Alamein Hamouda, in which he played a strict teacher, he savagely roasted the team's performance. 

Just minutes after it was uploaded, the post went completely viral and surely, gave everyone a good laugh.

Henedy couldn't handle Egypt's walk out of the 2018 World Cup...


And his reaction to it sent people into a hilarious meltdown...

"I am dying." 

Everyone joined him in with memes...

"You completely ruined our lives."

"And ten more zeros, fifteen more zeros, twenty more zeros"

That were just as funny...

Trolling level: Egyptians...

"Egypt's journey in the 2018 World Cup."

"How's Egypt doing in the World Cup?"

Enter Henedy's post. 

"You couldn't even win once at the world cup!"

"Our lives are full of zeros, there's nothing new here"

"For us, failure is a way of life"

"Even when we're upset, you're the one who puts a smile on our faces"