Mohamed Henedy has long been known as one of the most popular comedic actors in Egypt. 

But ever since he joined Twitter, he's also come to be known as the "king" of the platform. 

From hilariously reacting to trending hashtags to weighing in on socio-political matters, Henedy always seems to hit the right note with people. 

Here are a few times the Arab king of Twitter proved his status on social media:

1. When he hilariously reacted to this Karim Benzema outfit

"May God give me half the self confidence he has."

2. When he celebrated scoring this goal at a Saudi event

"I am Egypt's very own Messi."

3. And then did this...

4. When he was completely relatable

5. When he made people laugh with this viral post

6. When he posted this tweet

"Online Quiz: Which celebrity do you look like? 

Result: Hasan Al Shafie. 

Henedy: The internet doesn't lie."

7. When he hilariously commented on Amr Diab's everlasting youth

"Just a little bit more time and we'll get teenage acne again."

8. When he trolled Egyptians calling falafel a "green burger"

"#Green_burger... people forgot their roots." 

9. When he shared this effortless transformation

"After a grueling 6 months of hard core training for my latest film... thank God."

10. When he said this Turkish actor is his doppelgänger

"God creates forty people who bear an uncanny resemblance to each other, here's one of my lookalikes."

11. When he celebrated International Happiness Day like this

12. When he brilliantly ended this viral Twitter thread

Henedy recently came to the rescue of a Saudi tweep who posted false information about Sweden, Norway, and Japan, prompting their official Foreign departments to respond on Twitter. 

When the Egyptian actor noticed the conversation, he hilariously ended the thread, telling the Saudi tweep: 

"Say the same things about Egypt, and we won't ever discredit you."