A Saudi couple who decided to walk into their wedding ceremony wearing rollerblades earlier this month has been taking the kingdom's social media by storm. 

For the groom, social media celebrity and professional skater Hussein bin Mahfouz, the idea had been there since he witnessed a French couple walking, well, more precisely skating down the aisle, in 2012. 

In an interview with Sayidaty Magazine, he explained that when he shared his plans to do the same at his wedding with his then-bride-to-be, Hanan-Al-Raimi, an interior design student, she was all in on it. 

This doesn't mean that the newlyweds didn't face objections, especially from close family members who thought the idea went against customs and traditions. 

Nevertheless, they were both determined to do things their own way and they sure did. 

Who cares what people think?

Even though the couple had anticipated criticism, they told Sayidaty Magazine that they were surprised when the opposite happened.  

"Almost everyone shared positive comments and had good things to say," Al Raimi said

When asked to share advice with other young couples in the Arab world, the newlyweds stressed the importance of not living in fear of what other people may think. 

“I decided to share this special moment with my husband-to-be regardless of what people would think or say," Al Raimi explained

“As long as you believe in something, do it no matter what,” bin Mahfouz added

No strangers to going viral on social media

It's not only the couple's unique wedding that has been going viral all over social media. 

In recent weeks, they also made the rounds online for a funny prank video. 

People love the barrier-breaking young couple

"They're killing it, wishing them a lifetime of happiness."  

"I love people who come up with new ideas"

Others are now thinking of doing the same at their weddings

But of course there were a few who sent out negative comments

"They're just looking for fame."