The story of a couple who married in a Saudi jail is going viral on social media. 

According to Okaz newspaper, the duo's wedding ceremony was held in one of Baha city's prisons. 

This came after the man, who's serving a 4 year jail sentence over drug related charges, got the required approvals from authorities. 

"The marriage was organized by a religious affairs authority, and celebrated by the couple, the bride's guardian, inmates and other family members who were allowed to attend," Okaz wrote

Before they got married, a religious authority gave the couple permission to privately meet and see each other. 

After their meeting, the bride agreed to the marriage and to a 40,000 riyal ($10,600) dowry. 

Shock on social media

"What!!!! He got married while in jail?" 

To say that people were shocked is truly an understatement...


"Couldn't they have waited until he finished serving his sentence?"

"How did she agree to this?"

"I really hope she wasn't forced into it"

People raised this point

"Had it been a woman, would anyone have proposed to her?" 

Not everyone was upset over the news though

"May God help him recover and bless them with happiness." 

Many congratulated the couple

"Congratulations, may God bless them."  

"Why don't we change the way we look at recovering addicts? God forgives and people don't"