The Arab world is never short on much-needed sunray, meaning the many convivial countries in the region make up for a beautifully sun-kissed playground for tourists wanting to escape the icy wind.

Maybe it's time to pack your swimsuits and running shoes for adventures away from the cold. 

Here are 7 destinations that can serve as the great escape for some winter sun:

1. Muscat, Oman (28°C)

Oman is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination, with its relatively untouched coastline, abundant marine and coral life, and the great diving spots near its capital Muscat. 

One of the must-try experiences there is sailing along Oman’s coast on a wooden dhow.

2. Aswan, Egypt (30°C)

Sailing on a felucca can take you to great places like the Botanic Gardens on Kitchener Island, Philae Temple on Agilkia Island, and colorful Nubian villages on the banks of the Nile to enjoy some hibiscus tea and a camel ride. 

Aswan is the right place to learn about Ancient Egyptian history, with several museums and temples scattered around. From there, you can join a Nile cruise to Luxor to see even more mind-blowing temples. 

3. Aqaba, Jordan (23°C)

Aqaba serves as Jordan’s only coastal city and seaport. It's famous for its greatest asset, the Red Sea's rich marine life and dazzling coral reefs. The warm waters and the numerous diving schools will encourage you to take a plunge. 

Aqaba is also a gateway to more wonders as you can visit the nearby 16th century Mamluk castle, and join a trip to the ever-famous Wadi Rum.

4. Dubai, UAE (30°C)

Dubai’s luxurious resorts may not be affordable to everyone, but that's not all there is in Dubai... budget travelers can have fun as well. 

Go on a 4x4 desert safari or enjoy some camel-riding, and for a glimpse of history, go for an Abra ride at Dubai Creek

Dubai is all about good weather and warm sandy beaches... so spending a "winter" day at Jumeirah Beach takes the cake.

5. Siwa, Egypt (26°C)

Siwa Oasis is unlike any other place you’ll find in Egypt. You can relax in the natural hot springs or find the perfect place to go sandboarding and desert safari.

The friendly locals of Siwa will make sure to fill you in on their culture, as the first thing they will offer you is some refreshing tea with lemongrass. By the end of your visit, you'll be familiar with a few words in Siwi language and know how to tie a turban like a pro.

6. Marrakesh, Morocco (20°C)

Source: Alayam24

The whole structure of this old Moroccan city and most of the buildings are colored in salmon pink, earning its nickname 'The Red City'. 

The old city is encircled by walls, towers, and gates that stretch for 19km and the bustling souks, palaces, museums, and hammams will certainly keep you busy. 

7. Dahab, Egypt (25°C)

Dahab is a vibrant city on the coast of the Red Sea, surrounded by mountains, desert, and tiny Bedouin villages. With clear warm waters and colorful coral reefs, this city is a snorkelers' and divers' paradise.

Dahab is renowned for two marine wonders: "Eels Garden," where divers can see hundreds of eels carpeting the sea floor, and "The Blue Hole," one of the greatest places to snorkel and dive.