The amount of places to see and things to do in Dahab are pretty much endless. Nevertheless, we all have jobs and lives to get back to and cannot afford to stay in heaven for the rest of our lives and therefore, we will attempt to narrow down the best spots and activities to do in this lovely little city in Sinai.

1. Hiking and mountain climbing

There's nothing like hiking or mountain climbing the beautiful Sinai mountains. With organized tours from multiple hotels, resorts, and tourism companies, you'll not only do enough cardio to last a lifetime, but you will see the Red Sea and the Saudi Arabian coastline.

2. Kite surfing

There's nothing like that adrenaline rush that hits you when you're up in the air and the sea below your feet.

 3. Diving

With the Blue Hole and Lagoon, Dahab is a destination for free and technical divers from around the world.

4. Meeting new people

One of Dahab's strongest points is its chilled and laid back atmosphere. Meeting new people and striking new friendships with people from different backgrounds and cultures is quite easy to do in the city.

5. St. Catherine

A famous attraction for locals, domestic and foreign tourists, St. Catherine promises to leave people in awe due its magical beauty.

6. Snorkling

Dahab's clear water makes snorkeling a marvelous pass time activity.

7. Get to know the locals

Local children are often seen selling handmade bracelets and jewelry to help out their families financially. Often however, these children are playful and are eager to talk to new people.

8. Reconnect with nature

Imagine a world with minimal technology and untapped natural resources - that's Dahab for you. Houses and the Dahab strip are in between the Red Sea and mountains.

9. Appreciate the beauty of all your surroundings

People lately have become very detached from nature and animals and some became too busy staring at a computer screen or a phone screen to notice anything and therefore while staying Dahab, leave your phone and laptop behind in the room and instead, grab book and watch the sun.

10. Relax

Just breathe.