In 2007, Nour El Rifai, an Egyptian photographer, decided to travel across his country to capture the Nile from various other cities. 

The result? A breathtaking series of photographs that recently resurfaced after they were posted on his newly launched Facebook page

Speaking to StepFeed, El Rifai tells us that the series, titled Colors of the Nile, had been on his website since 2007, but is now garnering attention from across the Arab world after it was shared on social media. 

El Rifai also speaks of how the series came about, saying "10 years ago, I had finally decided to work on a project that was so close to my heart - one that would capture the Nile like never before. I packed my equipment and moved along the Nile in Upper Egypt, capturing the beautiful scenery that I witnessed during my journey across the country." 

"I often woke-up by dawn to catch the first light. It was a peaceful and healing journey for me," he adds. 

When asked why he decided to create the series, El Rifai says that to him the "Nile is the lifeline of Egypt," and he wanted to capture its beauty through photography. 

Here are a few beautiful shots from Colors of the Nile

1. The Nile as seen in Asyut

2. And its beauty after sunrise

3. The Nile by the train tracks of Asyut

4. "The fishermen of Asyut"

5. View of the Nile in Luxor

6. Captured from a small house in Minya

7. The Nile by Midnight

8. Captured here in Bani Suef

9. Another shot of the Nile in Souhag

10. The Nile as seen from Nubia in Aswan