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A Kuwaiti fashionista's arrival in Saudi Arabia brought back memories of a sale previously held at one of the kingdom's malls. 

Crowds brawled, shoved, pushed each other, and fought to get a glimpse of a social media celebrity known as Dr. Kholoud

The star was reportedly in the kingdom to attend an event at Al Taif Mall over the weekend. Soon after she walked into the shopping center, hundreds gathered around her. 

Earlier this week, videos capturing the chaotic scenes started circulating online and have sent tweeps into a meltdown of the sorts. 

The scenes were unbelievable...

To say the least...

Several brawls and injuries were reported

The Dr. Kholoud welcoming has since gone viral

The chaotic scenes captured at the event sparked a Twitter meltdown, leaving many shocked at what they saw. 

Some criticized the star's fans for the chaos they caused, while others couldn't believe the entire gathering was all for an event. 

While some people expressed their love for the star

"Dr. Kholoud deserves this welcoming, she's loved by everyone." 

Others just couldn't even

"I just saw the videos of these Taif girls welcoming Dr. Kholoud. This is truly so embarrassing." 

"Are those Dr. Kholoud fans serious?"

"This was a bit over"

"Wesh hal fashla"

"I don't know what to say"

"All this for Dr. Kholoud." 

"Since I saw this I realized we're still right in our place, we haven't advanced one bit"

Amid the backlash, the social media star sent out a message to her fans

"Taif girls, you're amazing and I love you even more now that I got to see you..."

After her fans received intense backlash for their actions, Dr. Kholoud sent out a message directed at them on Snapchat. 

In it, she wrote: 

"Taif girls, you're amazing and I love you even more now that I got to see you. Whoever is attacking or criticizing you is hateful and jealous, I hope you just ignore them. Don't blame them, their envy leads them to this." 

The internet celebrity, who's a medical doctor by degree, has recently become known as one the Gulf region's most popular social media influencers. 

By the looks of it, she has a growing fan base, especially in Saudi Arabia.