A video of women clad in abayas going crazy over sales at a department store has been making the rounds online. 

Released by Live Leak, the video shows hundreds of women snatching clothing items off their racks (quite aggressively), causing them to tip over and fall. 

Live Leak said the video was shot in Saudi Arabia, however it is not clear which shop the video was filmed in or when it was actually recorded - though one source claims that the scene happened in Jeddah's Centrepoint.

Many people are calling it "Black Friday ... the Saudi version" in the comments underneath the original video link.

The footage is seriously out of this world, but it's as funny as it is crazy.

It all started with a massive racing competition ...

And that's when all hell broke loose. Shopping during sales season ... the Arab way?

Even when the racks tipped over, the women just didn't stop. Priorities man, priorities.

FACT: When it's sales season prepare your armor suit

This phenomenon is universal ... We've seen it happen in Lebanon

The United States

And the UK

If you ever happen to find yourself in between such a crowd, here's what you should do: