Lengthy visa applications and intense security screenings are two obstacles many people face when traveling. However, if you are in possession of an Emirati passport, worry no more.

The UAE passport has just been ranked the most powerful passport in the Arab world, according to a 2018 report released by Henley & Partners, a global citizenship and residence advisory firm. 

Globally, the Emirati passport ranked 27th most powerful, with visa-free access to 140 destinationsThe passport saw an increase of 11 points in the ranking in just one year, according to the report.

The UAE passport is one of the "biggest climbers on the 2018 Henley Passport Index"

In 2017, the UAE ranked 38th in the Henley index. Since then, a number of countries have lifted the visa-restrictions on holders of the Emirati passport. 

"The UAE’s meteoric rise [on the index] is indicative of the country’s growing soft power and its visibility as a global commercial, economic and travel hub," said Marco Gantenbein, managing partner of Henley & Partners, according to Gulf News.

"The nation has been making steady progress with strengthening its diplomatic ties with other countries across the globe, because of which the UAE passport continues to demonstrate its agility and raise the benchmark for other countries in the Middle East."

Since 1999, visa restrictions on Emirati citizens have gone down, as about 45 countries granted holders of the UAE passport visa-free access. 

The Kuwaiti passport is the 2nd most powerful in the Arab world

Source: Gulf News

The Kuwaiti passport ranked 59th globally, with visa-free access to 83 countries.

The Qatari passport is the 3rd most powerful in the Arab world

The Qatari passport ranked 61st globally, with visa-free access to 81 countries.

Followed by the Bahraini passport ...

The Bahraini passport ranked 65th globally, with visa-free access to 75 countries.

These 4 Arab countries are among the weakest passports in the world

Globally, Japan and Singapore took the No. 1 spot in the ranking

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