Earlier this week, a Bahraini court sentenced a woman to two weeks in jail over a video in which she was captured dancing in a car on a public highway. 

The 30-year-old Khaleeji woman was charged with "public indecency" and is now set to serve her sentence in a local jail. The person who was with her in the vehicle at the time of the incident was cleared of all charges held against him. 

The sentence against the woman comes over a year after footage of her dancing through the sunroof of a car went viral on social media.

During investigations, the woman admitted to having danced through the sunroof. She said the incident took place while she and her friend were on their way back to a hotel they were staying at after partying in Al Manama's Juffair area. 

Some media outlets reported that the incident had taken place last month, however, footage capturing it has been available online since April 2018. 

Not the first time dancing in public got people in trouble in the Gulf

Cracking down on public dancing isn't exactly out of the ordinary in countries across the Gulf including Bahrain, Kuwait, and Saudi ArabiaConsequences of such incidents are usually more severe if those involved are women. 

In 2017, Kuwaiti authorities launched a nation-wide search for an unidentified woman who was filmed dancing in the street. 

The following year, a Saudi man and woman were arrested after a video of them dancing in an Abha street went viral on social media. 

That same year, a Saudi woman was detained after taking part in the Kiki challenge, which consists of people jumping out of moving cars and dancing to Canadian rapper Drake's song In My Feelings.