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For five years, Step Feed incessantly developed and aggregated content to draw in millions of Arab and Muslim millennials, whether they may be in the Arab region or other parts of the world.

Peaking at 1.5M unique monthly users, numbers stole the limelight from the actual purpose behind the publication: to share real stories, happy or sad, in the form of quality content. 

As we penned daily articles and entertaining content for millions, we were always living under the mercy of social media rules. 

On more than one occasion, we found ourselves unintentionally creating content that was seen as clickbait, or thinking in numbers instead of focusing on what the true value is behind what we’re creating. 

This said and with the goal of building a great audience who we can reach regularly and genuinely with great, valuable content, we have decided to change Step Feed from a news and entertainment online publication to a daily, well-crafted newsletter. 

We strongly believe that emails and newsletters are two of the best available distribution channels that allow us and others to produce and share quality content that is factual, trusted, ethical, and genuine. 

Today, we are announcing a shift long overdue, that of Step Feed becoming a newsletter-first platform. 

Day in and day out, expect your coffee to be accompanied by news from the region and beyond, drenched in a new perspective.

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