Early on Wednesday, Kuwaiti authorities announced they've launched a nation-wide search for an unidentified woman who was filmed dancing in the street, Al Anba newspaper reported

This comes days after a video of the woman dancing went viral on social media, sparking outrage among users who deemed her dance moves "provocative" and "unacceptable." 

An anonymous police source told Al Anba that officers are now searching for the woman, who is accused of committing an "indecent act in public." 

"Once identified, she will face legal consequences," the source said. 

It remains unclear when the footage was captured, however, it was posted online earlier this week and continues to make the rounds on social media platforms.

The video was deemed "provocative"

It left some speechless...

And many others outraged

"I just saw it and I just can't even, what is this? Is there no more shame!" 


Some accused the person in the video of being a cross-dresser

"This isn't even a girl...!"  

Others called for severe punishments...

Not everyone agreed though...

"This a matter of personal freedom"