The #KikiChallenge - which consists of people jumping out of moving cars and dancing to Canadian rapper Drake's song "In My Feelings" - swept across the Arab world in the last two weeks, but it hasn't been all fun and games.

Over the weekend, authorities in Saudi Arabia's Al Khobar arrested a woman for joining in on the viral trend.

The arrest came just hours after a video capturing the woman doing the challenge went viral on Saudi Twitter, leading many to criticize her for dancing in public and wearing an "explicit" outfit (a top and shorts).

Some thought the woman's clothes were so inappropriate, they blurred her out before reposting the footage. 

According to Akhbaar 24, Al Sharqiya area's officials, including governor Prince Ahmad bin Fahad bin Salman bin Abdel Aziz, sent out an order of arrest against the defendant.

The woman might face up to three months in jail

Speaking to local news outlets, Saudi lawyer Hadi Al Salem said the defendant now faces three different legal punishments in the case. 

One of them is related to violating traffic rules, the other to wearing revealing clothes in public, and the third for going against sharia laws. 

Al Salem said that "if the woman is found guilty under the 'public decency' laws, she is set to face up to three months in jail or a fine of three hundred riyals or both".

The arrest divided Saudi tweeps

Hours after the woman's arrest was first reported, news of it went viral on Saudi Twitter. While some thought she deserved the arrest because she had "violated" the ultra-conservative kingdom's rules, others completely disagreed.

Many thought the woman deserved to be arrested

"The girl made a mistake and deserves to be punished. We are all for this decision." 

"I hope she's thrown in jail"

Others couldn't disagree more

"They arrested the woman on the same day the video went viral because she's a female who danced in public!!! But the guy who terrorized people in the streets and burned cars down is still roaming our roads free because he's a man."

"What's the crime she committed? Did she harm anyone?"

Not the Arab world's first #KikiChallenge related arrest

Just last week, authorities in Abu Dhabi ordered the arrest of three social media influencers for partaking in the viral #KikiChallenge in the middle of the road.

The emirate's authorities warned that taking part in the challenge is a crime punishable by law. 

Those caught performing the challenge will be faced with imprisonment, a fine, or both under Federal Penal Code and Law No. 21 of 1995 regarding traffic law, according to Gulf News.