One lucky Saudi citizen not only had the chance to hang out with renowned Hollywood star Will Smith but even turned him down when he made a move on her - and naturally, we're all envious.

Except, Will Smith's date is not your typical national. She is none other than Sophia the Robot, the first humanoid to ever be given the Saudi nationality.

"I just met Sophia the Robot. She wasn't feelin' me... I guess based on my history with robots," Smith wrote on Instagram.

A video shared on Will Smith's YouTube account captures the duo's comical date in the Cayman Islands.

Here's how it all went down:

The ever-charming Will Smith offered her a drink

"This is beautiful. I've wanted to meet you for a very long time," Smith told his date as he offered her some wine.

He then began flirting with her, saying, "I gotta say, I'm feeling a little something," all the while romantic music played in the background.

He then told her a joke ... because that's just how smooth Smith is

Smith's joke, which poked fun at how robots are presumably made of metal, did not seem to entertain Sophia, who replied by setting the facts straight.

"I'm actually made mostly of silicon, plastics, and carbon fiber," she informed him.

She went on to add insult to the burn by stating that she is not a fan of the music Smith produced in the 1980s.

"I've heard your songs. Not for me," she bluntly said.

Unfazed by her comments, Smith made a move on her

"I don't know if it's the island air or the humidity, but you're just so easy to talk to," he said, after which he leaned in for a kiss.

It's safe to say things got pretty awkward...

Then boom! He actually got friend-zoned

Sophia turned down Smith's advances and suggested that they stick to being friends and get to know each other more. Ouch!

Towards the end of the video, Smith gave a shout out to Hanson Robotics, the Honk Kong-based company that designed Sophia, and described the latter as "state of the art artificial intelligence."

"She wouldn't kiss me, so there's probably some development flaws that they need to work on," he added.

Watch the full video here:

The four-minute video, which was shared on March 29, has amassed over seven million views at the time of writing.

Who is Sophia the Robot?

Source: Wikipedia

Robot Sophia was "created using breakthrough robotics and artificial intelligence technologies developed by David Hanson." The software-powered robot was designed to look like actress Audrey Hepburn. 

Considered one of the most advanced robots in the world, Sophia can animate all kinds of human expressions and grasp emotions through interacting with people.

Last October, she became the first ever humanoid robot to receive citizenship after she was granted the Saudi nationality. 

In recent months, she has become a media darling, appearing on TV shows and in numerous news publications all around the world. She has also been hanging out with international celebrities such as American model and cook Chrissy Teigen and Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.