Hummus has existed in the Middle East for centuries. In fact, the word itself is Arabic for "chickpeas."

However, for years, Israel - which has been dubbed "the national home of the Jewish people" - has claimed hummus to be its own, sparking outrage on social media.

Recently, a much bigger and deeper crime against hummus has taken the world by storm, namely the emergence of dessert hummus.

A photo of various dessert flavors of hummus, including a chocolate-chip version of the dip, has been going viral. One person decided to take the matter into her own hands ... by asking Jews and Muslims to unite against this crime against humanity.

"My fellow Jews, my Muslim siblings, it is time for us to set aside our differences and unite against the true scourge of the earth: dessert hummus," Twitter user @clapifyoulikeme wrote on the social media platform.

Unison against "this scourge that plagues us" came to life

"Based on my mentions, dessert hummus may do what Jared Kushner couldn't"

The Twitter user mentioned Dan Shapiro, former U.S. Ambassador to Israel, and Linda Sarsour, Palestinian-American civil rights activist, in her original tweet. 

To her surprise, both re-tweeted the post.

"Based on my mentions, dessert hummus may do what Jared Kushner couldn't," sarcastically criticizing the U.S. President Donald Trump's Middle East peace advisor.

Co-existence between Jews and Muslims has existed for years, despite the mainstream Western narrative which paints a picture of perpetual enmity between the two communities.

And the recent unison against dessert hummus proves just how far both communities are willing to go to save humanity.

Because #SaveTheHummus

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A special place in hell for the creator?

Truth be told, this should be a "universal goal of all mankind"

"Unite against this insult"

Three words: THIS IS KHARA

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Some are a bit curious to try it though

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Jared Kushner, please listen up: