An Egyptian man committed suicide after his wife left him because he couldn't buy her a Valentine's Day gift, Sayidaty Magazine reported

According to the publication, two days after the woman left the couple's home along with their two children, she was surprised that her husband, now identified as Maghnam M., hadn't tried to make any contact with her. 

She rang his cell phone several times but found that it had been turned off and so rushed over to the apartment she shared with her husband and found his lifeless body. 

The woman also found a letter written by her husband in which he apologized for "neglecting her." 

The man's father doesn't suspect foul play in the case

Neighbors reported the incident to police soon after they heard the wife screaming for help. Officers who arrived at the scene documented the case in Egypt's Gizah police department. 

General Issam Saad then referred it to public prosecutors, who signed an order allowing the husband's family to lay him to rest. 

In his statement on the matter, the father of the deceased said he doesn't blame anyone for his son's death and also doesn't suspect any foul play in the case.

The man added that in recent months, his son had been in distress over financial trouble that had led to marital disputes. After the Valentine's Day argument, the wife decided to leave her husband and took her children along with her. 

The news left many speechless

And others quite upset

"There's no strength but in God."

"Is this what marriage meant to this woman? A gift?"

"What did he do to himself?"