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Source: Sabq

On Monday, prominent Saudi writer and media personality Mohammad Al Suhaimi was banned from working and referred to be investigated, Sabq news site reported

This came just hours after a video in which he was seen criticizing the Muslim call to prayer (adhan) went viral on Saudi Twitter. 

Al Suhaimi made his controversial statement during an appearance on MBC, where he was asked to comment on a controversial fatwa banning the adhan from airing through megaphones. 

His opinion on the matter has since sparked intense backlash on social media.

The writer's suspension comes after his statement went viral

During his appearance on MBC, the writer criticized the way muezzins call for the prayer in cities across the kingdom. 

"This is what an extremist agenda is, it scares people into everything. Imagine when these loud calls to prayer that are not unified, sound from different mosques located close to each other. It scares people coming to pray and even children in their own homes. These calls to prayer are terrifying and invoke fear in this country and in its people," he said

He then went on to add that the increase in the number of mosques in several of the kingdom's neighborhoods is adding to the problem. 

"The prophet himself ordered the demolishment of a mosque that was built right next to another one. We do not need this many mosques, there's one for each and every person in the kingdom. Even imams are complaining that they don't have enough people in their mosques anymore," he explained.

Al Suhaimi's opinion sparked a meltdown of the sorts...

"During our childhood, we've never seen kids scared of the sound of adhan, and we've never heard of adhan being scary."

The majority of tweeps attacked the writer's point of view

"Since when were people terrified of the sound of adhan!! The thing we miss most while traveling is the call to prayer." 

But there were also many who stood by it

"Honestly he's right, there are so many mosques in every neighborhood, sometimes up to six of them and each has its own megaphone. That is truly annoying. Instead of building so many mosques use this money to help someone in need, build an Autism center or any other community building that'll benefit society." 

"Don't be quick to judge his words, listen to them before you do"

Even though many are now relieved at news of the writer's suspension

"Great news, this is what we were all calling for. The Muslim call to prayer is a blessing that must be respected."

Others think it's unacceptable...

"It's our right to have peace and quiet. It's also our right to be able to express our opinions without fear of persecution."