Arabic names are beautiful ... till someone butchers their profound essence due to pronunciation difficulties or random name associations. 

That's exactly what the "What's Your Name" meme is all about, and Arabs can totally relate. The Twitter joke format has seen several Arabs hilariously depict the reality of #ArabicNameStruggles upon meeting someone. That someone must be from a land where Arabic names are incredibly foreign.


1. Enter Rwanda (Rowaida)

2. Enter Eye-Man (Ayman)

3. Enter Sherry (Sharif)

4. Enter Camel (Kamil)

5. Enter Moe (Mohammad)

6. Enter Sad (Saad)

7. Enter Raw-zaan (Razaan)

8. Enter Hen (Hend)

9. Enter Noosh (Noor)

10. Enter Hater (Haidar)