Arabic names are beautiful, there's no denying that. When people ask what your name means or where it originates from, you are often proud to share yours with them. But, there are times when your name gets the best of you and you just wish you had a name that made greetings easier and filling an application faster. Here are 15 struggles every person with an Arabic name will understand:

1.The question "What's your name" results in an anxiety attack every time


2. Microsoft word can never understand that your name is not a typo


3. Teaching foreigners (and Arabs sometimes) how to pronounce your name takes more than 24 hours

4. Never being able to fit your name on one line when filling out paper work


5. Your name has betrayed you quite a few times in school


6. Your name is so common that you answer to random strangers when out in public


7. Meeting someone with the same name happens a lot and it annoys you just the same every time


8. Experiencing constant 'random security checks' at the airport

9. You have never found a Coca Cola can or a name necklace or Nutella jar with your name on it without personally customizing it


10. Your name is spelled differently on every single official document that's transliterated


11. Having a last name for a first name...


12. Or having two first names...making your childhood so tough


13. Autocorrect fails you and your name without even trying

14. Endless conversations with that one person who insists your name is spelled wrong happens every once in a while