At times, the people who are most willing to give to those in need are the ones who don't have much themselves. That's what Saudis learned after a video of an expat cleaner donating money to a beggar went viral over the weekend. 

In the clip, the man is seen approaching a woman sitting on a pavement outside a shop. He counts his money, withdraws an amount, and kindly gives it to the woman. 

The man's act of generosity and kindness had people in tears around the kingdom.

People were incredibly moved by the footage

"He was in her place one day"

"He helped her because he was in her place one day, he felt what she's feeling. I can tell you that a bit of humanity remains in people."

"Indescribable goosebumps"

"I'm not crying"

"As if he's telling us 'what's your excuse?'"

"Poverty is the lack of heart and mercy, not the lack of money"

"There's still some good in our country"

Someone disregarded the worker's low-wage salary, criticizing people for differentiating between expat workers and nationals

"Cleaners are human being just like we are!! Enough racism and shock at everything they do. As if they're weak and helpless people!!"