Egyptian actor/singer Mohamed Ramadan has been in the limelight for quite some time now; he's gotten used to stirring up controversy without even realizing it. 

Ramadan, whose artistic career was first launched through acting, shook Arab Twitter after he performed at a sold-out concert titled Egypt's Best PartyThe event, held over the weekend in New Cairo, saw over 50,000 people attend.

Though the concert was a huge success, it left thousands confused over what Ramadan had to perform given that he isn't exactly a singer or dancer.

During the event, Ramadan conveniently launched his latest song, a track called The Moon. Just like everything else, some loved it and others not so much. Truth is, it's not easy to please everyone. 

The concert's overpriced tickets - which were sold at 500 and 1,000 Egyptian pounds ($28-$57) - were a main point of criticism. The price tag is considered high in the country's currency. The fact that Ramadan walked on stage shirtless was another as many deemed his outfit inappropriate. 

But, there was one thing that got people talking and laughing like nothing else. It was the fact that the star held an entire "musical concert" despite the fact that he isn't even a singer.

To be fair, his fans loved the concert

"You blew us away at the concert, legend Mohamed Ramadan. It truly turned into the best party in Egypt." 

It was well-attended

"Me and another three people were probably the only ones who didn't attend Mohamed Ramadan's concert." 

But also heavily criticized and trolled

"Did anyone who actually has a brain go and spend 1,000 Egyptian pounds on a VIP ticket for Mohamed Ramadan's concert? Is there a human being living among us who did that?" 

"Did Mohamed Ramadan just host a concert for four songs?"

"The best concert in Egypt features a singer who doesn't sing ... he only dances"

Ramadan haters had a blast

"Fateen, wake up, crap now has a price." 

Some savagely trolled his concert

"Mohamed Ramadan, an actor, singer, and model captured at the best concert."

Of course a few memes popped up

Egyptian trolling at its best

"This is the best concert in Egypt"

The concert led an Egyptian lawyer to file a report against Ramadan

What would Egyptian entertainment be without a lawsuit?

As the online controversy over Ramadan's concert heated up on Sunday, Egyptian lawyer Samir Sabry announced that he filed a report against the star.

In his complaint, Sabry said the performer didn't respect public morals during his concert and danced on stage shirtless. He also added that Ramadan's songs and demeanor feature arrogant and violent actions that negatively affect his audience.

In light of the report, many defended Ramadan, saying it's one thing to criticize the star's concert and another to take legal action against him.