A millionaire Saudi woman who said she's looking for a husband on live television is sparking a social media meltdown of the sorts in the kingdom. 

The woman made the statement on "Zawaya Al Zeer", a live program aired on local channel Al Resala. 

"I inherited millions from my father after he died. When he was alive he never allowed me to get married, as he worried that men would only want to marry me because of our fortune," she said. 

When the show's presenter asked the caller her age, she replied saying she's 40-years-old. The woman also explained that she doesn't mind marrying a man who already has a wife. 

"I'd have no problem with a polygamous marriage, if the man can treat me and his first wife equally. I don't want to marry a young, single man because I feel that would be unfair to him," she added.

"If you marry someone who has other wives, would you let them all move in with you?"

During her live call on the show, the woman explained she wished to get married because she wants to have a child. 

In response to her request, the show's host asked a few questions that were out of this world... to say the least.

Pressing on in the conversation, he asked the woman if she'd be able to provide her future husband with a house and a car, and he didn't stop there...

"If you marry someone who has other wives, would you let them all move in with you?" he also added.

The woman then responded explaining she didn't want a man who'd only marry her for her wealth and hopes she'll find a right match through the program.

The story is going viral on Twitter

Just hours after it started circulating on the platform, the woman's statement sent tweeps into a complete frenzy

Some are reacting to the entire incident with humor

"How do I become a man?" 

Gold diggers are all over the hashtag

Others are sharing a few words of advice with the woman

"Travel and live your life, marriage isn't everything"

A few are highlighting the sad reality behind the story

In her statement, the woman said she couldn't get married before her father died because he didn't grant her permission to do so. 

Without his permission, she would have been unable to legally move forward with any marriage plans, because just like all Saudi women, the woman is subjected to the kingdom's male guardianship system.

Under this system, a male guardian, usually a father, brother, or husband, has legal rights over many major aspects of a woman's life, including her freedom of movement and ability to work.