A video of a Saudi groom belly dancing at his wedding is causing quite the stir on social media. While it remains unclear when the footage was shot, it was first uploaded to Twitter late in January and has now gone viral. 

In it, the groom can be seen entering the male-only celebration hall, dancing to a song by Egyptian singer Saad Al Sogayar. He is then captured performing famous belly dance moves as a few invitees join him. 

Given that the traditional Saudi zaffah (wedding entrance/parade) is completely different to what is seen in the video, the incident left some social media users in shock. 

However, not everyone was taken aback by the performance and it's now sparking a hilarious meltdown of the sorts on Twitter. 

The video is making the rounds online...

While some were a little shocked by it...

Others seemed to love it and just couldn't even...

"They're hilarious." 

"I died watching this"

The men invited to this male-only wedding... that's another story

"Those sitting around watching him have the biggest question mark on their faces." 

"He gave them the shock of their lives"

"Those arm movements though..."


"Let him be happy, it's his wedding"

"This groom is super cool"

"You're criticizing him even on his wedding day? Let him enjoy it"