It started with the #StopEnslavingSaudiWomen campaign, and now #TogetherToEndMaleGuardianship is capturing headlines and minds around the world.

"Women here are trapped, they can't do anything. It depends on your guardian, if he is OK, and if he is a good man he'll let you work, or let you study, which is a basic right," a Saudi woman said in an interview with CNN .

"If he's not, he's going to prevent you from that," she added.

Women are discriminated against in nearly all aspects of public and private life, mainly due to a legal code influenced by a fundamentalist interpretation of Sharia law.

But in the past year alone Saudi Arabia has amended a number of laws in an effort to empower women in the kingdom, including opening municipal elections to female candidates and making women's verbal consent to marriage mandatory.

The Saudi Council also announced an amendment to laws governing travel documents, giving women a right to obtain a passport without male permission. This all puts a dent in the kingdom's guardianship system, which prohibits women from traveling, marrying and working without the permission of a male guardian, typically the husband, father or brother.

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Saudi women demand the downfall of guardianship; Down with guardianship over women

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"My crime is that I'm a Saudi woman."

They are garnering support from around the world

Because to stand in solidarity with a repressed group is human

They're unstoppable

And they're getting much needed support.