A Saudi woman is set to become the first-ever actress to perform a role in a theatrical play.

According to Al Masr7 news, Najat, a 21-year-old actress, stars in the upcoming Saudi theater adaptation of Disney film The Emperor’s New Groove

The spectacle is organized by the kingdom's Entertainment Authority and set to be performed on both Friday the 9th and Saturday the 10th of February. 

Speaking to the local news site, the production's director Amawry Azaya said: 

"We've always questioned why women weren't allowed to perform in plays but never got a clear answer. We recently reached out to officials at the kingdom's Entertainment Authority and after looking at our script and discussing the matter with a Vision 2030 committee, they passed an official order granting women the right to perform on stage." 

Before the new decree was passed, women's parts in theatrical productions had to be played by men as it was illegal for both genders to share a stage.

The new order comes at a time when the kingdom's entertainment industry is making significant strides and also during a historic period for women in the country.

"I've always dreamt of acting on stage"

In a statement to Al Masr7 News, Najat, the lead who plays the role of 'Yzma' in the upcoming production, expressed her joy at being cast in it. 

"I've always dreamt of acting on stage and when I told my parents I was thinking of getting into the field, they had no problem with that at all and even encouraged me to follow my dream. My mother came along with me to the play's auditions and watched the entire thing. She was happy with my performance," the up and coming actress said.  

Even though Najat will be known as the first-ever female talent to act in a Saudi play held for the public, her performance comes months after a Saudi woman was allowed on stage to take part in the kingdom's national day celebrations in September. 

The news is dividing Saudis on Twitter

"Women on Saudi stages," started to trend on the social media platform just hours after the latest news broke. 

Hundreds are now sharing their opinions on the matter via the hashtag and people seem to be divided over it.

Here's a little of what Saudis are saying: 

Some are completely against women acting in theater

"This isn't her place and it doesn't honor her in any way." 

"That's nothing to be proud of, she's going to be mixing with men"

"It's haram (unacceptable in Islam)."

A few are even calling on people to boycott the upcoming play

"Don't go watch this." 

Not everyone is upset over the news though

"Such great news." 

Many are celebrating it

"God willing, all that's coming is better than what has passed." 

"Life is back"

"It's 2018! Saudi women have finally been discovered... good, now keep going"

"A great decision to enhance women's involvement in social advancement"