Footage capturing the moment tens of monkeys broke into a university in Saudi Arabia's Balqarn sparked a complete meltdown on Twitter.

This came after videos of the incident started circulating on the platform earlier this week. In several of the clips, students can be seen trying to escape as monkeys run around campus.

According to Akhbaar 24, the monkey break-in recently took place outside the University of Bisha's all-female college building.

Speaking to local news outlets, university officials said the incident went down after a security gate was left open by mistake. They promised an investigation will be launched into the matter. 

The terrifying break-in went viral on Saudi Twitter

Tens of students who were on campus tweeted videos of the incident as it took place. 

In its aftermath, many of them called on the kingdom's education authority to take action in order to prevent similar break ins from taking place in the future.

Videos of it are all over the platform

Captured by students who witnessed the incident

"Our suffering in a video"

The clips scared a few, but sent others into a hilarious meltdown

"I am truly so sorry, but this kind of suffering is hilarious."

When you're kicked out of class because you were late

"Late for a lecture and weren't let in by the professor." 

Savage much?

"Education is for everyone"

"We've already voted on our own education committee." 

Jokes aside though, a solution needs to be found

"Find us a solution." 

Not the first time monkey trouble goes viral on Saudi Twitter

Last year, a video capturing a group of monkeys crossing one of the kingdom's highways went viral on Twitter. 

In it, the animals can be seen running across a highway that tweeps later identified as a road between Mecca and Medina.