Earlier this week, a video of a domestic worker beating a child made the rounds on Kuwaiti Twitter, sparking outrage among users. 

In the short clip, the woman can be seen slapping and violently berating the victim - who was seated in the backseat of a minivan - for allegedly opening the vehicle's trunk door. 

Hundreds were angered by the video, calling on authorities to take action. 

According to security sources who spoke to official local news pages, the worker has been detained and referred to investigation. The child's father has also reportedly filed a lawsuit against her. 

The victim's father has spoken out on Twitter

In a tweet, the victim's father, Thamer Al Otaibi, expressed shock at the abuse his son, a child with special needs, had endured. 

He also hit back at people accusing him and his wife of neglecting the victim. 

"In a few hours I'll have been awake for an entire day because of the assault endured by my son, who's a child with special needs. What hurt me more are the comments of ignorant people who didn't even bother to research and started asking where the child's parents were," he wrote.

Al Otaibi said he was abroad with his wife and had hired a transport company specialized in taking care of children with special needs to drive his son to a school located in Sabah Al Salem. 

The father accused the company of failing to take care of his son, leaving him in the care of "untrustworthy staff."

The video is still making the rounds on Kuwaiti Twitter

People are just speechless

"I don't know what to say." 

And shocked

"Oh my God."

"Even if he opened the trunk door, you could've respectfully spoken to him to explain his mistake"

Many are relieved the woman has since been arrested

"We hope you implement the strictest laws in this case."

And are thanking authorities for taking immediate action

"We thank Sabah Al Salem's police department for quickly responding to this incident and the country's children rights' organization for proposing a law that protects children."