Social media platforms have had such an impact on people nowadays, that when Instagram went down yesterday, thousands of people lost their minds on Twitter in the first few minutes. 

What would've happened to them if Twitter wasn't available? Even worse, what would've happened if Twitter was to be paid for? Would people rush to it like they do when WhatsApp or Instagram are down?

Earlier this week, Twitter's own Twitter account entertained the idea of the nightmare mentioned above, but in a passive-aggressive way, tweeting: 

"We can't believe this website is free." 

Or at least that's what people thought Twitter meant... 

It all started when Twitter wrote down this "nightmarish" tweet

Among thousands of reactions to this random, unasked for tweet, Arabs were sure to shine through with their responses. 

From people reminding Twitter that it generates money from ads and users' personal information, to others pointing out how Twitter is not a "website" ... Arabs were busy throwing hilarious memes and refusing to pay for anything. 

Jokes broke loose ... especially with Arabs

People are screaming

Some Arabs tweeted out this theory

... followed by this truth

Is Twitter being greedy?

Someone thought a poll is necessary to come to conclusions

Of course, Mohamed Henedy memes showed up

People are "impressed" by how free this website is

Others not so much ...

"Someone's being passive-aggressive!!"

Not everyone is ready to pay

"If it was paid, you wouldn't see me downloading the app"

"Twitter is hinting at making us pay for the service"

Watch this one till the end ...

"Let's discuss this calmly"

One simple word to sum all emotions