People have put up fights on different fronts in support of the Palestinian cause, and social media platforms have given people a place to voice their activism.

Many tried to prove Israel doesn't exist countless times via memes and tweets. 

Furthermore, online users have called out Israel for the atrocities it has committed over generations. In doing so, hundreds of people have rightfully targeted the Twitter account of Israel's Defense Forces.  

On Wednesday, IDF's official Twitter account shared a tribute to the 2004 Hollywood Film "Mean Girls" ... to mark what is now known as "Mean Girls Day" in reference to the scene in the film where the date, Oct. 3, is mentioned.

IDF quoted a tweet by Israeli Air Force in which they wrote "You CAN sit with us"

Which sparked valid questions minutes later

"Well ... you are all mean so"

"The real mean girls are the ones doing war crimes"

"The movie wasn't called Apartheid Girls"

"Mean" is quite an understatement

Some reminded the Israeli army of their crimes

"Instead of destroying the social lives of teenage girls, you destroy their actual lives"

Movie references were put to good use

In other words: "Israel is Regina George"