It's one thing to upload beautiful content to your social media accounts, and completely another to misinform the growing 6.2 million followers you have on them. 

UNILAD Adventure - a branch from UNILAD, a British entertainment website and the fourth-biggest publisher on Facebook - successfully merged the two.

In a video uploaded to their Facebook page on Monday, the popular page encouraged people to visit the Emirati city of Dubai, with footage compilation from different countries instead. 

Captioning the video - which to be fair is really appealing to travelers - "I need to visit Dubai after watching this," the oblivious page did not care to run a check-up on whether or not the footage was all taken in the emirate. 

The video starts off with the astonishing skyscraper Burj Al Arab amid heavy fog ... but escalates quickly where you suddenly find yourself in Pakistan. 

The footage compilation belongs to Dubai-based Pakistani photographer Altamash Javed - aka ALJVD - who used his i9 drone - courtesy of Apple - to capture footage from a number of countries. The final version of his video was uploaded to YouTube

UNILAD Adventure, on the other hand, took this video, shortened it to less than a minute, and posted it on their Facebook page ... all while accrediting him. But, they mistook the location tag "Dubai" on YouTube to meaning the whole video was shot there.

Let's take a closer look at where most of these visuals were actually taken.

1. Where has this white-covered mountain been all this time?

And to think people have been skiing indoors in Dubai all this time ... while they could've been skiing and enjoying real snow in Azerbaijan, because that's where these mountains are located.

2. What about this green-filled road?

It's beautiful, isn't it? This road is actually in Islamabad, Pakistan. 

3. And this roundabout?

Well, it's also in Islamabad, Pakistan. 

4. This view is breathtaking ... but it still isn't Dubai

Welcome to Salalah, Oman. 

People sure did notice

The mountains and snow had people puzzled

Like, really puzzled

Those who've never been are confused

You can check out ALJVD's original video here: