Bahraini actress Al Mahra Al Barainiya Source: Instagram/Almahra91

Earlier this week, Bahraini actress Al Mahra Al Bahrainiya angered thousands after saying domestic workers are "unintelligent." 

She launched a racist rant on Snapchat over maids who work in her villa, saying:

"If a domestic worker had brains or was intelligent, she wouldn't have taken up this kind of job. She would've become an engineer, she would've gotten an education and a career."

The Khaleeji influencer didn't stop there. She carried on her bigoted rant, urging her followers to give out "orders to their maids."

"I've realized that you've got to order this kind of people around. You've got to tell them exactly what to do and they'll do it," she added.

Just hours after the footage made the rounds on Twitter, it infuriated people all over the Arab world. 

Many criticized Al Bahrainiya's comments, deeming her rhetoric "unacceptable" and "disgusting."

Others powerfully hit back at the celebrity, calling her out on her "ridiculous rant."

People couldn't believe what they were hearing

"Is she being serious or what? Does she think all people are born with the same opportunities??"

"So is a graduate who's unemployed also stupid?"

"If they had the opportunity to get an education, they wouldn't have worked for you"

"May God have mercy on them. These people weren't given the chance to study due to their difficult financial situations. If they had the opportunity to get an education, they wouldn't have worked for you. As if it's not enough that they've left their home countries and families to come here, you're also insulting them."

"Who are you to criticize a person who crossed oceans to earn a living in a country they know nothing about"

Others responded with powerful comebacks

"If she were smart, she wouldn't have made this statement."

That were right on point

"A domestic worker took up her job because of her circumstances. This has nothing to do with intelligence. There are so many high-ranking people who are unintelligent and so many smart people who are unemployed."

Not the first time an Arab influencer's racism towards domestic workers sparks anger

Earlier this year, Kuwaiti makeup artist Sondos Al Qattan sparked outrage after saying domestic workers shouldn't get days off.

In a video posted to Snapchat, Al Qattan criticized newly passed changes to Kuwaiti laws that aim to guarantee basic rights to hundreds of thousands of Filipino workers in the country.

At the time, her rant sparked a heated controversy on social media and led several fashion and beauty brands to cut ties with her.