A meme about how Saudi men lie to women when they flirt sent people into a hilarious meltdown.

Posted by Twitter user Yousef Abdullah on Monday, the upload savagely trolls dishonest Saudi men using a video from Egyptian singer Angham's song "He told me he loves me."

Just hours after it was tweeted, the post went completely viral, garnering thousands of retweets.

Here's how it all played out:

It all started when this meme went viral

"He told me he loves me, but what's weird is that he met me just two days ago. Is this boldness or naiveness ... or is it the insanity of a lover?

No, this is a Saudi man who just met you."

It then sparked a hilarious online frenzy

"I died of laughter."

People couldn't help themselves


"So true"

Saudi women proved Al Abdullah's point

"This man just added me and now he loves and adores me."

"Love after the first Uber ride"

Some even shared the lies they've heard

"You're the first girl I talk to." 

"Why are all our guys like this?"

"I've never heard an honest man here."

"It's not just Saudis, Arab men fall in love after the first retweet."

Case in point? Beware of Arab men

"Arab men tell a girl they love her before they say hi."