Egyptian footballer Mohamed Salah recently caused quite the controversy on social media after posting a photo in a Playboy t-shirt.

In the post, which Salah captioned "traveling incognito," the footballer can be seen wearing a balaclava to expose only a part of his face in a bid to hide his identity while traveling. However, it wasn't the face mask that got people's attention. 

It was the t-shirt - designed by Philipp Plein - that got people talking because it has the Playboy bunny out in full force. 

The bunny was accompanied with a skull and crossbones. 

The photo sparked quite the outrage on social media, with many people calling out Salah for promoting "pornographic content" by wearing the t-shirt. 

The photo was posted just ahead of the footballer's flight to Egypt.

Many "mourned" the moment ...

And called it a "massive mistake"

"Someone bring him back home"

"Have you lost it?"

"Playing incognito too"

Others tried to defend him

A "false" clarification was posted by an unofficial Liverpool Arabic account

"To clarify things: Mo Salah is wearing a t-shirt designed by Philipp Plein and the idea behind it is that 'porn websites are a danger on societies'. He is not promoting the Playboy logo as many people believe." 

However, according to FarFetch, the t-shirt is actually a collaboration between Philipp Plein and Playboy.

"The collection features luxury t-shirt and polo shirt showcasing iconic Playboy visuals redefined in Philipp Plein's signature embellishments."

Source: FarFetch